Claim Your $30 From RUSHCARD proudly presents to you what is possibly the best pound for pound referral program on the market today. RUSHCARD.COM wants to give you, me and everyone you know in the U.S. of legal age $30 instant cash bonus for signing up for a new prepaid card. No strings attached.

The RUSHCARD Prepaid Visa is a prepaid debit card provided by MetaBank. It allows you to load funds and use your card like any other debit card any and everywhere Visa is accepted. Use it online, at the cash register or at any ATM. It’s extremely fast and easy.

For a limited time only, will give you $30 instantly when you apply for a FREE Rush Card using the link We provide, set a PIN and complete the activation by loading funds that are at least equal to the 1-time card fee of $3.95 or $7.95 (depending on which card design you choose). There are no credit checks. No minimum balance requirements. And everyone is approved.

What do I need to do to get my $30 from RUSHCARD?

1. Click on the link at the end of this article to be redirected to to start the application process. Because of the link We provide your bonus $30 referral code will be automatically entered in the appropriate area at the end of your application.

2. After you are approved and your card arrives in the mail simply activate it and set your PIN. Then take your card to anyone of the participating retailers nationwide and load funds. Or you can just go online. There are many simple, fast & easy ways to load cash to your new RUSHCARD. (see RUSHCARD.COM for details on what methods are easiest for you.) Once you load an amount equal to the 1-time card fee you’re done. Your $30 cash bonus will be instantly credited to your account.

Don’t Stop at $30.00!! Get an additional $600.00 from RUSHCARD
RUSHCARD will reward you with an additional $30 for every person you get to sign-up using your own personal referral code provided by RUSHCARD once you activate your new account. Up to 20 people per account per year. That’s an additional $600.00 Instantly credited to your account!! (see RUSHCARD’s Refer-A-Friend Program link for more details.) However, nothing this good lasts forever and this awesome offer is no exception. This program is currently good through December 31, 2017 only. No word yet on whether it will be extended again, so don’t wait. Get started earning your bonus rewards now.

Click on the link below and let us help you jumpstart your summer with fast easy money in your pockets. And not just you, but your family, too.


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